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A Breton Birthday Bash

Our neighbour invited us to join him and his friends to celebrate his birthday. We felt extremely honoured, but rather confused by the arrangements as the gathering was to take the form of drinks “a bonne heure”. We knew that this meant “early”, but precisely HOW early? Straight after breakfast was a distinct possibility, because […]

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A Colony of Artists…

That really is the collective noun for artists – a colony – but it sounds more like something unwelcome that might take up residence in your loft or under the floorboards. I have been wondering about a better one – a creativity of artists? An inspiration? A sparkle? An outpouring? Anyway, our village of Huelgoat […]

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Nothing ever happens in Brittany!

My friend bumped into her ex-husband at the beginning of the summer. “Are you off to Brittany this year?” he asked. When she shook her head he said, “I don’t blame you. Nothing ever happens there!” Well we went of course, and had rather a lively month. Steve’s cousins came to stay, and we took […]

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Back in time – through a certain department store in Plymouth.

Two weeks ago I spent a day in Plymouth on my own – just strolling round the city and keeping a look out for a hat to wear to Tom and Jenn’s wedding. I have only been to Plymouth alone on one other occasion – the day exactly thirty-five years ago when I went to […]

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